ObjecX for the body…


ObjecX for the body…


As a child I found myself surrounded my metal of all kinds. ‘Findings’ is what my grandfather, Andrea, called them. As a first generation American he was sent to Providence at thirteen to work as an apprentice for an uncle who was a successful Blacksmith.


My grandfather later became a tool maker, a true artisan, he sought innovation from all over the world and created timeless findings, machines and tools that still influence the world of jewelry today. As a child I spent a great deal of time at his metal stamping factory in Providence, Rhode Island. And almost 40 years later, the smell of raw metal and the sound of machines still bring back vivid childhood memories I spent with my Grandfather.


He always admired my attraction to design, love of art, color, texture and the composition of my surroundings. Metal and jewelry have always been a part of my family history but until recently they have not been a part of my design esthetic.


As years pass, my work evolves and so have the materials that I have chosen to use. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world seeking fresh, new, and unusual objects; I find myself in a constant search for something different. I dream of a strange and eclectic collection of uncommon and surprising things pieced together which create something beautiful and most importantly, unique.


I have always designed one of a kind jewelry pieces for myself and friends and family, and now I am making them available to you.

Julie Lancia

ALX/ObjeX for the body.