ObjecX for the body…..



A material thing that can be seen and touched.

We are expanding our design scope to include jewelry. A collection of unique and beautiful elements from all over the world pieced together to form one of kind, handmade pieces. Every piece has a story and history. For years I  have brought together craft people and unusual materials to create beautiful spaces I am now doing the same to create this new division of the firm. My focus on form and function continues with this collection. Traveling the world to form the collection of elements needed to design and create these pieces. What a wonderful journey this has been and I look forward to the adventure continuing  with the expansion of our collections.

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Luxury Shower

Taking space and redefining it is what we do best! This shower sits 31 stories above the city of Providence.  Multiple showerheads, body jets and a ceiling mounted  showerhead complete with multi-color LED light therapy and rainfall this space is the perfect combine for a luxurious experience.

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Attention to Details

For every project we strive to think outside the box and find new and inventive ways to utilize space. Doors are a perfect example of that.  Using custom crafted doors that slide on exposed minimalist steel bars and rollers provide more space while adding a very unique look.

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ALX Group - Julie Lancia

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